Preparing Your Little Ones for Swimming Lessons

A child's initial swimming lesson can be thrilling for both children and parents. You can take several steps to ensure your child is confident and comfortable before the lessons start.


A simple bath can be the first step towards preparing your child for swimming lessons.

Incorporate fun swim toys, such as soakers or seal flips that will be used during the lesson to help your child become familiar with them and build confidence.


Taking your child to the pool where the lessons will occur is crucial for bonding and becoming accustomed to the pool's size, depth, and temperature.

Remember, swimming lessons involve more than just following instructions and participating. The increased noise and the number of children can be overwhelming, so it's important to consider your child's comfort level.

Discuss basic water safety and pool rules with your child before their first lesson. Read our rules on-site with your child and point out safety notices to help them understand their environment.


Practising getting into a swimming costume at home can influence how comfortable your child feels on the day of the lesson – turn it into a fun game! Children's confidence in water is often affected by their bodies, minds, and the environment outside the pool. Bring your child dressed in swim gear to the lesson to make it as calm and fun as possible. A robe for afterwards is also a great idea.


Discussing swimming with your child before their lesson is essential. It's important to explain what will happen during the lesson and to highlight the positive aspects to support your little one. Our instructors will meet their group at a designated meeting point. Upon arrival, once they are with the instructor, reassure them that you will be in the viewing area, ready to share in the joy of their learning experience.

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