One 2 One Swimming Lessons

Start a Lifelong Journey in the Water

Instil Confidence and Skill with Personalised Coaching
Embark on a transformative swimming journey with our 4-session package, tailored for children of all ages. Whether overcoming a fear of water or aspiring to refine technique, these 30 minute one-on-one sessions are the gateway to aquatic confidence and enjoyment.

  • Overcoming Water Fears: For those new to swimming or with a fear of water, our empathetic and patient teachers create a safe and supportive environment. We'll help build confidence, step by step, in a calm and encouraging setting.

  • Personalised Attention: Each session is exclusively tailored to your needs and pace. There will very few people in the pool. Our experienced teachers provide undivided attention, ensuring that the student gets the most out of every minute in the water.

  • Progress at Your Pace: We believe in progress, not pressure. Our approach is centered around the student comfort and gradual improvement, making each session enjoyable and effective.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Adults or children taking their first steps (or strokes) in swimming.

  • Swimmers looking to overcome water-related fears or anxieties.

  • Swimmers looking to improve technique and build confidence

Gift of Swimming: This package is not just a set of lessons; it's a meaningful gift for your loved ones. Help them embark on a journey of discovery, health, and joy in the water.

Take the Plunge! Sign up for our 4 One-to-One Adult Swimming Lessons and experience the joy and freedom of swimming.

Daily, Thursday till Sunday in June
Daily, Monday till Sunday in July-August
12.30pm - 01.00pm
02.30pm - 03.00pm
30 minutes.
3 per time slot in June
4 per time slot in July-August
class cost
€125 for 4 lessons
age limit

Attendee Instructions

  • Please arrive in swim gear at the designated time for the best experience.

  • Class begins at the designated time sharp.

  • Parents/guardians must stay on the premises.

  • Swimming caps are mandatory - these and other items are available to purchase.

  • Goggles are recommended

  • Once parents drop your child to their meeting point you may watch the session from the viewing area - Only people swimming are allowed in the pool /Changing room area during swimming lessons.

Preparing Your Little Ones for Swimming Lessons
A child's initial swimming lesson can be thrilling for both children and parents. You can take several steps to ensure your child is confident and comfortable before the lessons start.

How can we help you?

contact details
065 9056855
East End,
Kilkee, Co. Clare
V15 HA27, Ireland
opening hours

From June 13th
Thur - Sun 11am - 6pm

From July 1st
Mon - Sun 9.30am - 7.30pm

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